Best Protein Bars By BPI

BPI Best Protein Bars Protein is an important food group for everyone. You need to eat high-quality protein foods every single day to keep your energy up, your metabolism running, and your blood suga[...]

September 23, 2016

Crazy Shoulder growth

How to build huge shoulders I get asked a lot on how I get my shoulders so big and why they are so round. Well a big part of it is genetics and the other part is training. A lot of it also comes from[...]

September 19, 2016

Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Speeding up your metabolism When you are young, muscle mass stores up energy, and prevent weight gain. When you ages, your metabolism starts to slow down every year, you lost that muscle, which gives [...]

September 19, 2016

Cardio and bodybuilding

Cardio for bodybuilding You may have seen pictures of many bodybuilders and asked yourself how do they get so lean. Well first off their diets are normally pretty extreme and consist of low calories a[...]

September 18, 2016

Building Freaky Legs

How to build impressive legs Have you ever seen the guy at the gym that has a decent amount of muscle but has nothing below the belt for legs? It looks pretty stupid if you ask me. So why or how does [...]

September 15, 2016