How to build impressive legs

Have you ever seen the guy at the gym that has a decent amount of muscle but has nothing below the belt for legs? It looks pretty stupid if you ask me. So why or how does this happen? It’s simple people get lazy when it comes to leg training. Back when I was competing I trained legs twice a week and it was intense style training. We normally didn’t go a week without someone getting sick. Some guys go in and do a few sets of leg curls and extensions and think that is all it takes to grow a crazy set of wheels. Well my friend you are wrong! I believe to get a set of muscular legs you have to damn near kill yourself in the gym.

Let’s take a deeper look

Here is are some leg exercise I live by fo my training program. Number 1 Squats, I like to use front squats to build that core and really focus on the quads. Now you don’t need to go insane with the weights on these. Instead focus on 4 to 5 sets of 15 to 20 reps. Yes 15 to 20 yeah it sucks but your legs will get those freaky cuts that you have always wanted.

Leg Presses

Thats right leg presses I normally do 10 sets 5 sets normal and then 5 sets with my feet up high to focus on the hamstrings. I generally go heavy but still keep my reps around 15 to 20 and sometimes go crazy with sets of 25 to 30 depending on how badly I’m wanting to toss my cookies. Leg press will allow you to add some serious size to your legs and help improve definition.

Leg Extensions

By this time my legs are pretty full of blood and this will really finish off the old quads. I like to do 5 sets of 15 with a very slow negative. This will hurt but if you hang in there it will be well worth it. Stretching the quad in between sets will help spark muscle growth.

Leg curls

Leg curls work great for bringing out those crazy looking bars in the back of the legs called Hamstrings. I normally shoot for 15 to 20 reps with a really slow negative fighting the tension all the way back down. Once I have finished all 4 of my sets I will finish the last set off with 25 parcel reps only moving the weight about 3 inches. This will fill your hams up with some serious blood.

leg muscle

Dead Lifts

I like to follow up the leg curls with 3 good sets of stiff legged deadlifts. These work really well for making the hamstrings grow. Just a little tip, at the end of the rep let the hamstrings stretch really good at the bottom of your rep. Holding the rep for about 3 seconds will help stretch your hamstrings into growth.


I like to finish my legs off with about 3 sets of 25 walking lunges superset with reverse glute raises.

Now that you feel like death and you have made it through your