How to build huge shoulders

Crazy shoulder growth

I get asked a lot on how I get my shoulders so big and why they are so round. Well a big part of it is genetics and the other part is training. A lot of it also comes from 25 plus years of training. But even in the beginning my shoulders weren’t perfect, I remember my rear delts were pretty much non-existing. Today my rear delts are one of my strongest body parts due to so much focus on that body part over the years. I have found that any lacking genetic part can be brought up with dedication and hard work. A lot of people in the gym actually fail to hit every side of the shoulder. You have to remember the more you bring up each part of the shoulder the more overall size you will have. Adding muscle to the rear delt can make you look huge from the side. You may even want to get a little edge on your gains by using a product like 1 Andro supplements.

Exercises to bring up the shoulders.

I always start out my shoulder routine with a heavy pressing motion, normally either dumbbell or barbell press. The key is to go heavy but move the weight slower on the negative than the positive movement. A lot of people forget that the negative movement is half the rep. Slowing down on this movement can add extra stress on the muscle breaking down the fiber and in the end adding much wanted muscle mass. This exercise will focus mostly on the front delt, I would shoot for 4 working sets of about 8 to 10 reps.

Side delts:

I have found over the years that higher reps on the side delts seems to work best for me. Everyone is different so you will have to play around with the rep range to see what works best for you. I like to do about 12 to 15 reps with a 4 to 6 set range depending on how I’m feeling. I have had a lot of shoulder injuries so I don’t go very heavy on this movement.

Rear delts:

I love to do rear delts with a dumbbell lying on my side on a bench. I slow the negative down to help add resistance and strain on the fibers. I normally like to superset this with some band work to help stretch and tear the muscle fibers. I generally stick to 4 sets of 10 to 15 reps for these two movements.

Those are my three major movements, I will normally throw in some lighter sets now and just focus on filling the muscles full of blood. Read below for some of the supps I use, you can find a lot of discount supplements online that can save you a lot of money.

After my training I normally take in about 50 grams of carbs from karbolyn and about 25 grams of protein to help refill my glycogen levels. I also normally supplement with BCAAs to help speed up my recovery time. This is probably one of the most value that you will get out of a supplement that is currently on the market today. I like to use powder supplements instead of pills for BCAA since the dosing is normally pretty high.